Treasure hunt

Hello everyone,

Today, I am going to explain to you how Aaron and me have created our own treasure hunt.

Weeks prior to the treasure hunt, Mr Wittamer presented us his own treasure hunt, it was themed on the nuns that used to live in the establishment. It was composed (made up of) of multiple quests and steps with small enigmas to solve and was overall okay even though a bit short.

So after it was over Mr Wittamer and Mr Resne asked us to do our own treasure hunt and to create teams of two to do our project. At first, I was thinking it was cool since I had an idea of a “Breaking Bad” themed treasure hunt where the players would have to find and make the crystal meth that would be candy in our case. And so we started working on our project each week. One  hour of the week where we would work on the treasure hunt. We thought about our costumes and what the hints were going to look like. We opted for some scientific long robes and some blue rubber gloves and some goggles. We printed our hints with some scientific logos and so on. And after weeks or so came the day of the presentation.

We had 2 hours to do so, one to prepare and set up our hints, etc… and the other one to perform and to do our treasure hunt, and it felt really nice having the feeling that everything went according to plan and that the instructions were clear and seeing our players even struggle at times to solve our enigmas was rewarding. For example our players had to find a hidden key in the courtyard to open a locker which they had to find afterwards to find the next clue/step. 

In the end, it was a fun activity and some easy earned points for the end of the year.

Arda Aydemir